Using the Weight-Loss Method, you can achieve high hatching rates for your eggs.  The accompanying spreadsheet keeps track of the progress of your eggs and additionally, permits you to "forecast" the weight of the egg by hatching date.  This will help you to take corrective action weeks ahead before problems surface.  Read the file titled Weight-Loss Method Explained first.
1. This file explains the method and also how to get the best out of the spreadsheet.  Click here: Weight-Loss Method Explained
2. This is the Excel file with the spreadsheet that will calculate for you automatically the weight-loss progress of your egg and also enable you to forecast ahead to take early remedial action, when necesary. Click here: Excel Spreadsheet on the Weight-Loss Method
3. Your questions collected over the years, and answered.  Click here: Weight-Loss FAQ.
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Incubation Method Used At DQ Farm